Ship to Shore


May 21

Spent a great day with David and Tina in nearby Antibes while Billy Goodrum did photo shoots, dinners, press functions, etc.  I finally got to wear my Ship to Shore dress for a screening. I turned many a head in it.


Dress by R. Brooke Priddy, Ship to Shore

At the end of the day Lela and I  reconnected with our esteemed composer Billy Goodrum who you can see in red carpet photos standing next to Sophia Loren! I didn’t get to chat with her, but did speak with her director son who is charming and very nice even though he must have been exhausted. Billy, Lela and I went for drinks with the George Clooney of Italy, Enrico Lo Verso [see photo at top of page]. Oh la la was he handsome!  And so chivalrous, too. He escorted Lela and me home after he broke up a bar fight. What a man. — Katie




From left: Enrico Lo Verso, Lela, Katie, Billy Goodrum and friend



“Joint Effort” screened at Cannes!


May 20 Our Movie on the Big Screen—at frickin’ Cannes!

Today we screened Joint Effort for a packed theater.  People laughed and seemed to enjoy the movie. It was great to have David Ostergaard and Tina Herring join us, as well as Billy Goodrum, our composer. Billy also had another movie screening at Cannes. Lela and I went to his other screening, where Sophia Loren attended. She is amazingly beautiful at any age! A full and wonderful day. — Katie


Screening of “Joint Effort”

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Joint Effort


Today we were informed that our latest short film, Joint Effort was selected as one of the top 15 films in the National 72 Hour Film challenge. This is an international competition and we are thrilled to be chosen. It’s now up for viewing on YouTube and those top films are in the running for Audience Choice Award. A “like” of Joint Effort is a vote for Joint Effort.  


You can watch Joint Effort here


We are proud of this film, and it was in fact a joint effort. Collaboration is a key part of our creative and business process and it was in full effect on this project. From our Go Pro experts Justin Mitchell and Chris Neumann to Sean David Robinson and Courtney DeGennaro who worked behind the scenes to make props and go on store runs, we are blessed to work with wonderful people.


An example of this is the brainstorming session that hatched the premise of the film. After a number of ideas had been thrown around, the story that was starting to take shape centered around people playing cards and trading stories.  Then came someone’s old idea about people who get their smartphones mixed up at a party which in turn sparked someone else’s memory of the time their parents eneded up in a rental car that wasn’t theirs. From there, it took on a life of it’s own, with everyone adding something to the mix, and in the end we had the story that would become Joint Effort. Even the name of the film itself was found during an impromtu brainstorming session between takes in an alleyway!


Thanks for reading!


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